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Working hand in hand with Project Aware, Skip the Plastic Straw and Project Aware will mail out letters to restaurants in California's coastal communities, asking them to consider stopping the use of plastic straws. With every letter we mail out, we wish to include a drawing from a child with the same message, but in art form.


We invite kids all around the world to help us in our mission by drawing a picture to show how they would help promote the Skip the Plastic Straw message to restaurants.


Please draw a picture of your favorite marine animal, beach or ocean encounter, and make sure to include "Skip the Plastic Straw" or "" in the picture. It would be great if you could also include your first name (no last name needed) and your age, but that's optional. 


Once your artwork is completed, please email it to Your artwork will be featured here on my website for people to see your hard work! Your artwork will also be included in Skip the Plastic Straw and Project Aware's letter to restaurants. 


Thank you! We hope you will help us spread the word to Skip the Plastic Straw through art movement!

Thank you Danna Moore (Director of Global Operations, Project Aware) for this partnership!

Thank You for all of these amazing artwork submissions!

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