500 Pledges Met!

Today, May 27, 2018, I have reached my goal of 500 pledges! Thank you all for your support and for making this small change in your life to stop using plastic straws. Now, there will be 500 fewer people using plastic straws. I applied for the Ocean Heroes Youth Leaders Summit in New Orleans and will be attending it next Friday to learn how to make my campaign even bigger and more powerful. Thank you, everybody, for helping me reach my goal of 500 pledges, you have made a very impactful difference. Follow my Instagram to see daily updates about my adventure at the Youth Leaders Summit!

Check out the story on me and my campaign in the LA Times!

My campaign to stop using plastic straws has been featured in LA Times! Thank you to everyone who have taken the pledge. So far, we have a total of 394 pledges. Please continue to support my campaign and follow my Instagram @skiptheplasticstraw (click here to read the article). Thanks for your support!

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