California Bans Plastic Straws in Restaurants!

Let's celebrate this victory! On Thursday, September 20, 2018, California became the FIRST state in the nation to ban restaurants from automatically offering plastic straws unless customers request for them! Starting January 1, 2019, full-service restaurants in California are no longer allowed to automatically distribute single-use plastic straws to customers. If customers want a straw, they will have to request for one. California Governor Jerry Brown signed the new law on Thursday, September 20, 2018 and it will go into effect next year. While it does not apply to fast-food establishments, the law does have some teeth: Restaurants that don't comply with the new law will receive two warning

NBC Los Angeles Features Skip the Plastic Straw Campaign!

NBC Los Angeles (NBCLA) recently interviewed and produced a two-minute story on me and my campaign for their segment "Life Connected.” It aired on NBCLA Channel 4 on Sunday, September 9 during the 11:00 pm news and again on Monday, September 10 during the 11:00 am news. Click on image above to view video or click on this link I am excited to continue my campaign to share my passion and quest to reduce the use of single-use plastic straws and help make a difference for our ocean and planet. And I hope I am able to inspire many other youths and adults to make this small change. Remember to say "NO" to plastic straws when you dine-in or take-aways or drive-throughs or help me reach out to your

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