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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

11,361 Pieces of Trash Picked Up in One Month!

For Coastal Cleanup Month in September, my sister and I partnered with Litterati to organize Skip the Plastic Straw's first-ever Global Virtual Cleanup Challenge! We are proud to announce that from September 17 to October 15, we had a total of 76 participants from all over the world who joined, like the USA, Netherlands, Spain, Qatar, Philippines, Pakistan, Africa and Singapore! (see map below) In just one month, we picked up - and documented! - a total of 11,361 pieces of trash! We blew by our initial goal of 5,000 pieces of trash and even past the revised goal of 10,000 pieces of trash. We are super thankful and honored for the partnership with Litterati during this challenge!

Here are the 🏆TOP 10 CONTRIBUTORS🏆

1. Bhargavi M

2. Trashtravelsacrossamerica (Instagram: @trashtravelsacrossamerica)

3. Robin Van Ee

4. Frank en Anina Uit Renkum

5. Skip the Plastic Straw

6. Anas AlBahri

7. Forest Wanderer

8. Boaty McBoatface

9. Derrick Chew

10. Four the Planet (Instagram: @fourtheplanet)

GREAT JOB for making a difference and keeping our planet 🌎 trash free!!

Thank you to these amazing partners for celebrating in our first-ever Skip the Plastic Straw Global Cleanup Challenge SUCCESS!


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