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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

My First Campaign Success!

Thank you Emily Bauder, Director of PALI Institute Outdoor Education, for agreeing to stop the use of plastic straw stirrers and going all reusable!

In early May this year, I went with my sixth grade class at Newport Coast Elementary to PALI Institute Outdoor Education ( in the San Bernardino Mountains, California. We spent five days at this outdoor science education camp. We slept there, ate in the cafeteria, and did fun hikes and learned about nature. While I was there, I noticed the cafeteria offered little plastic straw stirrers and parents and teachers would use it for their coffee.

When I got home, I emailed the Director of PALI Institute, Emily Bauder, and asked her if she would consider either using alternatives like wooden stirrers, or not using the plastic straw stirrers altogether. She replied to me the next day and told me that she would look into it with her kitchen manager. A week later, I followed up and she emailed back to say that they had decided to stop using the plastic straw stirrers altogether! They will not be replacing it with anything, instead, they will have parents/teachers use the spoons they currently have as stirrers!

Thank you Director Emily Bauder and everybody at PALI Institute for making this happen and for going all reusable. This goes to show that change can happen and it's a great thing to celebrate!

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