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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

Presenting to Newport Sea Base Summer Campers!

From July through early August 2019, I partnered with the Newport Sea Base in Newport Beach to educate the kids at their summer camp about harmful effects of single-use plastic straws and my Skip the Plastic Straw campaign. Each session, I was able to meet with new kids attending the Oceanography camp and the Environmental Science camp and share with close to 120 kids (from ages 11-17) and instructors/volunteers on the harmful effects of single-use plastic straws; hopefully they can help spread the word to their friends and families and start their own campaigns!

Thank you Executive Director of Newport Sea Base, Mr Tom Hartmann; Program Director, Mr Jack Nguyen; Education Coordinator, Mr Zach Nyquist; and all the instructors and volunteers at the Newport Sea Base summer camp, for allowing me to be a partner with Newport Sea Base and for being so supportive and encouraging to my campaign.

I am also happy that my sister, Ella Lin, joins me in my presentations at Newport Sea Base this summer! She has always been by my side in my fight against plastic straws and together we can spread the word and encourage more youth to Skip the Plastic Straw!

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