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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

Awesome Presentation to Hidden Hills Elementary!

Last week on May 5, I was invited to share my campaign to a group of 95 amazing 3rd graders and their teachers from Hidden Hills Elementary in San Ramon Valley Unified School District in northern California! Thank you to Mrs. Elizabeth Koch for coordinating this presentation and to all the kids and teachers for being so supportive.

It was so inspiring to see their eyes sparkling with inspiration, knowing that they can make change no matter how young they are. Many of the kids had already started their environmental journey by using alternative straws like metal, rubber, and silicone straws. To add on to that, many of the participants had my Skip the Plastic Straw logo as their background which was so cool to see!

Check out these amazing artwork the kids at Hidden Hills Elementary did to join my campaign! Thank you!


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