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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

Presentation to Elementary School Kids!

Yesterday, April 14, I had the honor to share my campaign with 49 amazing 2nd/3rd graders and their teachers from Castro Valley Unified School District and San Ramon Valley Unified School District in northern California!

Thank you Mananalu Water for giving me this opportunity and inviting me to be an educational partner. It was a privilege to speak with two amazing groups of kids and their teachers (Mrs. Erlick and Mrs. Howard) from Hidden Hills Elementary School and Castro Valley Elementary School.

Earth Day is around the corner (next Thursday April 22), and it warms my heart to see amazing teachers like these two who are helping raise awareness in their classrooms on how kids can start young and do good for our environment.

The kids even surprised me with a THANK YOU slideshow the next day! I am so happy I was able to excite them about making a positive change for our environment. Click below to view their amazing slideshow.

And check out some of the kids' comments in the chat during my virtual presentation, all of whom pledged to join me in Skipping the Plastic Straw. I was so impressed to hear such fantastic questions and insights during the presentation – the future is bright!

Thank you for having me!


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