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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

EarthFest 2019 at The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center

On Saturday, September 14, I was at the family friendly EarthFest event in Irvine, Orange County, organized by The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center (IROEC), to celebrate 10 years of their sustainability efforts. This was my first time having a booth at an event promoting my campaign Skip the Plastic Straw, and it was a fun experience meeting so many people and other eco-friendly vendors. Thank you to Sarah Burgess, Leadership and Youth Development Director of IROEC, and her team for inviting me to this event and for all the help that day! The event started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm, and I had 121 new pledges from people who stopped by to say hi and pledged to stop using plastic straws! Each one received a free alternative straw – a choice of glass, metal or bamboo straw – all kind donations from the following vendors: Thank you Simply Straws for donating the glass straws, Bamboo Straws for donating the bamboo straws, and Ocean Hero Bootcamp for donating the metal straws!

Here are some photos of the amazing people who stopped by to say hi!

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