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  • Chloe Mei Espinosa

Presenting to After-School Educators at Newport-Mesa Unified School District!

Thank you to Mr. Curt Abdouch for inviting me to present to an amazing group of after-school teachers from Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) on March 11, 2020!

Mr. Curt Abdouch is the president of JuST-EAMagine, an educational service company that develops innovative programs for schools and learning centers. Mr. Abdouch gave me the wonderful opportunity to share my campaign to 40 instructional assistants of the NMUSD after-school program run my Mrs. Lee Ann Griffin.

This program provides tools to instructional assistants on how to lead activities for kids attending the after-school programs at NMUSD (which is also my school district). On the day of my presentation, the after-school teachers were preparing activities to share with kids for the upcoming Earth Day in April – trying out craft activities using materials we would usually throw away – like cardboard egg cartons and toilet paper rolls – and turning them into amazing art work!

Thank you to all these teachers for all your time and dedication in providing activities for the children in our school district! And thank you for supporting my campaign to Skip the Plastic Straw!

I would also like to thank Sand Cloud for donating metal straws with cleaner brushes to give out to each after-school teacher at my presentation! They were all super happy and really excited to use them instead of a single-use plastic straw! Check out the other awesome products Sand Cloud sells on their website and their mission to save marine life by donating 10% of their profits to marine conservation!

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